Frequently asked questions

How many Guy Ropes do I need?

We recommend using 2 Guy Ropes and 2 HD Soft Springs on the majority of awnings. If your awning is larger then 6 metres and extreme conditions are expected we recommend using 4 Guy Ropes and 4 HD Soft Springs.

How does the Guy Rope connect to the awning?

There are a couple ways you can connect our Guy Rope to your awning.

Option one is to wrap the HD Soft Spring around the drum of your awning which will still give you flex and movement but also a rock solid connection point. This option only suits the drum / barrel style of awning.

Option two is you can purchase a pair of Tiegear Sail Track Loops. These will work with 6ml and 8ml sail tracks and are designed for use with all cassette style awnings including Fiamma, Thule, Dometic and most of the no brand imported models.

Can I use the Guy Ropes and privacy wall at the same time?

In almost all cases yes, our springs and sail track adapters have been designed to accommodate for mesh walls leaving enough room to have both connected. If you have a mesh wall consider looking at our privacy screen packs as they make for a very straight forward solution.