Frequently asked questions

How strong are the Guy Ropes?

Our Guy Ropes are incredibly strong. Far Stronger then any peg will be able to accomodate for. The rope is rated to 300kg but as mentioned there are limiting factors like the anchor point to the ground ie pegs. Combining the Guy Rope with our HD Soft Springs will allow the force from large gusts of wind to be absorbed and ensuring the pegs remain anchored.

Will the Guy Ropes fit my pegs?

Our heavy-duty D-ring will fit all commonly used pegs on the market.

How long are the Guy Ropes?

Each guy rope has 4 metres of UV stable fluoro orange rope.

Are the Guy Ropes hard to pack away?

Our mesh net bag comfortably accommodates the 4 metres of rope provided. Simply wrap it around your hand and pop it in the bag for next time.