Frequently asked questions

What do they do?

Our HD Soft Springs have been designed for purpose and versatility, they flex and move, so when there's a big gust of wind they absorb the force a just like a shock absorber. By absorbing the shock force of a large gust of wind they relieve the stress on your pegs and awning, preventing pegs pulling out and dispersing the force away from your awning's hardware.

Where do they go?

Our springs have been designed to work in many ways.

You can peg them into the ground like you would a traditional trace spring.

Alternatively you can wrap them around fixed objects like a bull bar or a drawbar on a trailer or on heavy objects like a jerry can etc. This eliminates the need for a peg.

They also work great for securing caravan awnings and gazebos that don't have a solid point of connection. The HD Soft Spring does two things at once, gives you a solid point to clip your Guy Rope to and allows for flex and give in the rope required to absorb large gusts of wind.

Do I need to use a spring?

The answer is really dependant on what your securing.

For caravans, camper trailers, large awnings and gazebos its strongly recommended.

For swags and small to medium sized tents, its not so much of an issue.

Will they fit my pegs?

The HD Soft Spring comes with a purpose built spring loop that has a heavy-duty D ring at one end, which will accomodate all commonly used pegs on the market.